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Don't Just Dream It, Create It!


Pixel Freez is a design group that specializes in App, Web, graphic design, and so much more. We are here to build the creative tools you need to grow your business or non-profit. We are not a marketing firm that creates print ads or brand strategies, but we can hook you up with one of our partner companies who will. We want to enhance your brand story with design elements that will help draw and connect you to your audience in a whole new way. In the digital world that we live in it’s necessary to keep up with industry standards, but more importantly to creatively tell your story in a way that shows your passion for what you do. We are Pixel Freez and we want to tell your story!  

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Meet The Team 

😎 Aaron / Creative Director  

Wow, thanks for checking out Pixel Freez! I love what I do and hope you see that in our work. Well, I am from Redding, California and I miss snowboarding so much! I’m a family man with an amazing wife and three crazy kids. If you are a fan of loud music, then I think we could be friends. If you want to say Hi or just go grab lunch, drop me a note! 


👱🏼‍♀️Carrie / Photographer 

So what do you say in a bio?! Well, I am a wife and mom of two girls and one messy boy! I like to hunt for vintage stuff to fill my house with and hear the story that comes with it. I am from Spokane, Washington and long for the day that I can live in the mountains again. I started photography because I loved capturing my kids and the silly things they did. So I think that’s it. If you have any questions or need some photos, let me know what’s up!

👨🏻‍💻Brant /  Developer 

Hi! I have been in programming for the better part of 15 years and have had the challenge of developing numerous award-winning web sites and mobile applications. I was educated in software development at NC State University and received extensive web development training in Asheville, NC. If you have any questions, let’s chat!


👩🏼 Denise / Editor

I love working with this team because of their great ideas, innovation, enthusiasm, technical experience, and because they’re just super nice people.  Originally from Miami, Florida, I lived in Atlanta for 18 years where I went back to college and earned degrees in Communications and Professional Writing.  Editing can be a “blessing and a curse” – I often find glitches that others have missed, but it’s hard to turn it off when I’m reading a published book – too late then if I find one

🎧 Tim /Audio Engineer,Songwriter

I am no stranger to the music industry.  While my skills come naturally, I also have the experience to match my talent, engineering and producing in a diverse range of genres. I have  worked with artists like Nelly, Usher, Big Time Rush, Saddle Back Church, CultureCulture and Paper Lights to name a few. In addition to engineering and production work I am also a songwriter and composer. One unique aspect of how I work is the ability to tailor compositions to the precise needs of his clients, working with a wide variety of organizations ranging from Outdoors Magazine to Chick-fil-a. I love what I do and I hope you can see it in my work. 

📲  Will / Software Developer 

After writing my first programs during nerd-camp in the summer of '96,I've not looked back. I attended the Georgia Institute of Technology where I honed my programming skills and learned about what comprises a good UX. I've recently attended The Iron Yard's Ruby on Rails course. I'm never far from something that's compiling! If you want help
configuring your Linux kernel, hit me up!


📹 Jesse /Videographer

Hi! Im originally from Pennsylvania but I grew up in Orlando, Florida. I’ve been a nerd as long as I can remember. I love technology and how it allows us to do things that we never thought possible. I love computers, video games, and am a self proclaimed Apple fanboy. Above all else my two favorite titles are husband and father. 

🦸‍♀️ Savannah /Project maniger,Videographer

Daughter of a fisherman and an art teacher, I was raised in rural Virginia—Spending half my life on the coast and the other half in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I left VA to study film & television at Savannah College of Art & Design in Savannah, GA. There I found my love for all things production: producing, shooting, writing, set design, and key hair and makeup, just to name a few.


Core Values



Here at Pixel Freez we love what we do and not only can you see that in our work but how we treat each other. We believe that creating should be nothing but fun. We work hard to create what you need but we also want you to have fun in the process. The fun starts here! 

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We believe in doing the right thing even when no one else is watching. You will not find a perfect team of people at Pixel Freez, but we fight hard to be.  We will mess up from time to time but when we do we will make it right. Without Integrity there is no trust. 

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Pixel Freez was built from great relationships and we believe that great relationships are the key to success. We love to high five, pound it and hugs! It's more fun to work with friends than clients. We want to build a long lasting relationship  with you!

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Finding new ways to creatively tell a story or pushing ourselves into the unknown is what sets us apart. We strive to create beautiful designs that meet your users where they are but at the same time sets you apart from what everyone else is doing. 

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Willy Wonka said it the best, "We Are The Music Makers, And We Are The Dreamers Of Dreams." We believe that there are no limits to our creativity. We design, photograph, build, record, film, write and dream knowing the only thing standing in our way is ourselves.   


Building creative for some of the best businesses around!